About Flâneur Thoughts

Flâneur Thoughts is committed to create important pieces of evidence of what human beings are about or what being human is about. We hope these evidences translate to a common denominator where you see something in your own life in any of them.

The Flâneur Thoughts Shop is a curation of stationery products (and hopefully expands to other objects/ stuff) that are illustrated and designed in-house. We are looking forward to developing and coming up with more new products and designs.

Thank you for being here. Feel free to let us know of any feedback you might have with our brand, products and designs (contact form below).

Hi! My name is Charisma.

I'm the person behind Flâneur Thoughts (with the support and occasional help from family and friends). I am an illustrator and a graphic and presentation designer based in Dubai.

To become a picture book illustrator is a dream I am aiming for everyday. This started after reading Oliver Jeffers' book, The Heart and the Bottle. I am astounded by how 'simple' illustrations with or without texts can convey stories about grief, heartache, sadness, fear, love, joy -- the full emotions of being human. Since then I have been continuously researching, learning, and practicing illustrating with narratives (with or without texts) that incorporate how it is to be human with both strengths and frailties in its simple complexity.

I started Flâneur Thoughts to serve as a cauldron of my creativity -- for the things I make and design, for the thoughts I write, for the new learnings I acquire and for the life I document -- that I want to share to the rest of the world/ universe.

I hope that somehow, this cauldron, enriches your life in the same way it enriches mine by sharing to you its content.

I appreciate you, following my journey through Flâneur Thoughts. Join me as I (we) glide, scurry, skip, and trip along my (our) Starry Night path as I (we) continuously learn new things about myself (ourselves).

we are made up of stories and stardusts

may our stories connect and form constellations sweeping across the midnight sky

may our glow continue to light up and help flicker the ember light in others

forever illuminating and burning

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documenting life through videos and making ephemeral memories, everyday learnings, fleeting thoughts into something tangible to share

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